Thailalin herbs

We have realized the importance of using Thai herbs. We use a Thai traditional medicine Team with knowledge and expertise to study about the properties of various Thai herbs. With more than 50 years of experience in production control The main ingredient is 100% authentic Thai herbs that are hard to find.

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Royal herbs Premium quality

Cool body spray

Cassumunar Ginger Bengal Root Oil Spray

Citronella Oil Repellent

Herbal Inhale

Cassumuna Ginger Bengal Root Cream

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Borneol water

Wan Sao Long Essential Oil

Borneol water

Essential Oil


Essential Oil Orange scent

  • Helps you feel relaxed.
  • Relieve pain and aches
  • Helps stimulate blood circulation well.
  • reduce cellulite

Essential Oil Lemon scent

  • Help clear the brain.
  • relieve fatigue
  • reduce musty smell
  • Deodorizes unwanted odors well.

Essential Oil Peppermint scent

  • Helps to smell fresh.
  • feel cool
  • Helps increase alertness and focus.

Essential Oil Eucalyptus scent

  • eliminate exhaustion
  • helps relax the muscles
  • natural fragrance
  • Reduce nasal congestion

Essential Oil lavender scent

  • Balance your emotions
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Gives a fresh scent
  • reduce headache

Essential Oil Bergamot scent

  • Smell of bergamot oil
  • relieve stress
  • Reduce inflammation from acne.
  • Helps to feel fresh and bright
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Thailalinherb attended the Global Halal Summit (GHaS) 2023 in Malaysia.

Another pride Our Thailalin herb Participated in the Global Halal Summit (GHaS) 2023 organized by [...]

19th Malaysia International Halal Showcase

19th Malaysia International Halal Showcase


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The 20th National Herbal Expo

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Wan Sao Long

Scientific name : Amomum biflorum Jack. Family : Zingiberaceae Thai local name:


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Thai cardamom

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