Royal herbs

Cool spray


Fragrant spray helps to create an atmosphere in the house, accommodation, building to help relax, deodorize Anti-bacteria, fragrant, helps to relax and helps to eliminate unwanted odors. mesmerizing fragrance It can also be sprayed on clothes. To add fragrance to wear

Cassumunar Ginger Bengal Root Oil Spray


Reduce acute muscle inflammation Relieves pain, swelling and body aches. Relieve sprains, stiffness, tight lines, swollen joints, numbness, beriberi, relieve office syndrome, curvature of the neck, shoulders and chronic pain.

Citronella Oil Repellent


Lemongrass oil Citronella oil, hot and sour taste, cool, fresh scent made from natural extracts, citronella, lemongrass, free from all kinds of chemicals. Consumers are therefore 100% confident in safety because it works to repel mosquitoes. The mosquitoes Distinguished by the smell of herbsbut does not kill. Ingredients from citronella. that can effectively protect your skin from mosquitoes and insects, eliminating the problem of annoying mosquitoes Can be used with children and all skin types.

Herbal Inhale


It is an inhaler produced with 100% authentic Thai herbs, fragrant and cool. Helps to relax, relieve cold symptoms, dizziness. Inhaling will be giving freshness. Inhaling through the mouth to let the smell pass through the throat will help relieve cough and throat irritation as well, we using more than 10 types of herbs. And give the fragrance that comes from the essential oils from the herbs,

Herbal Inhale  Citrus


It is an inhaler made from 100% authentic Thai herbs, using more than 10 types of herbs, giving the feeling of aromatherapy, not mixed with perfume or artificial herbal extracts. Can be used for both relief and relaxation. You can breathe in your lungs without being afraid of foreign substances. Inhale all day Helps reduce dizziness and relieve migraines well. Increase enthusiasm during the day

Plai Balm Cream


Made from more than 10 types of herbs to help relieve pain. In joints, bones, tight ligaments, trigger fingers, rheumatoid, helps with migraine pain, rashes, itching, frostbite, fresh wounds, wounds, abscesses, and various types of abscesses. It also helps relieve symptoms of insect bites and stings. and ringworm on the body, etc.

Cassumuna Ginger Bengal Root Cream


Reduce muscle inflammation loosen the muscles reduce spasms Rejuvenate nerve cells, reduce pain, reduce swelling, bruises, sprains, treat office syndrome Relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, shoulders, back pain, waist pain radiating down the hips. Relieves body aches and pains

Royal Jelly Lip


Use to nourish lips to moisturize. Rich in natural AHA extracts, produced from honeycomb. Contains 100% real royal jelly, no synthetic chemicals. No scent or perfume added. Helps shed old cells Reduce dullness from the lips Protects lips from UV light, keeps lips healthy, plump, smooth, soft, and not flaky. Build confidence throughout the day

Aromatic Pillow


Spray on pillows and mattresses. Add fresh fragrance Helps you relax while sleeping. Sleep deeply and comfortably all night. Use as a spray on the body for a relaxing, unique scent.

Aromatic Pillow


We are committed to meticulous production, starting from the selection of handwoven fabrics to natural dyeing without the use of chemicals. The fabric is soft to the touch, ensuring comfort in every interaction and causing no irritation. We prioritize comfort in every aspect, and our special formula of herbal scents, carefully chosen from nature, adds a pleasant aroma. Our products, such as neck support pillows, are versatile for travel, work, or relaxation breaks, providing a refreshing and relaxing experience. The long-lasting fragrance contributes to a sense of well-being. Suitable for all genders and ages, our products are safe and do not compromise respiratory health.

Wan Sao Long


Wan Sao Long

  • It is PURE ESSENTIAL OIL 100%.
  • Has a unique fragrance.
  • Relieve dizziness, reduce musty smell

Face and body care products

Containing CBD extract ingredients


  • Facial cleansing gel, new innovation, non-foaming formula, made from natural extracts.
  • Contains ingredients: cannabis leaf extract and Inca star bean oil.
  • Used to clean the skin. Keep the facial skin moisturized.
  • Doesn’t make the skin dry. Easy to wash off, does not clog the facial skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Soft, youthful-looking facial skin, results visible from the first use.


  • Facial care products. Wash-off facial mask
  • Contains natural extracts from Sacha Inca and cannabis leaves to help revitalize the skin urgently.
  • Adjust facial skin to be bright and clear, reduce blemishes, freckles, dark spots.
  • Exfoliate facial skin cells to be smooth, pleasant to the touch, gentle, suitable for all skin types.
  • Soft, youthful-looking facial skin. See results from the first time you use it.


  • Contains pure extracts from roses.
  • Highly concentrated blend with CBD.
  • Deeply nourish facial skin.
  • Make your skin feel comfortable from the first time you use it.
  • Make the skin look tight and smooth.
  • Make facial skin soft and slow down aging.
  • Restores elasticity to the facial skin.


  • Hair cleaning products.
  • Contains dried cannabis leaves.
  • Reduce the accumulation of dirt.
  • Helps strengthen the scalp and feel relaxed
  • Natural fragrance Gentle formula suitable for all hair types.


  • Contains CBD extracts
  • Contains concentrated herbal extracts.
  • Helps nourish the hair and scalp.
  • Helps reduce hair loss.
  • Helps hair look strong and shiny.


  • Body cleansing products. Contains dried cannabis leaves.
  • Use to clean the skin deeply. Reduce the accumulation of dirt
  • Make the skin soft and moisturized. Relaxing, comfortable skin, exfoliating skin cells to be healthy.
  • Aroma extracted from nature. Helps deodorize the body Suitable for sensitive skin.


  • Contains CBD.
  • Contains concentrated herbal ingredients.
  • Helps relax the skin all over the body.
  • Helps make the skin soft and moisturized.

Essential Oil


Essential Oil
Orange scent

  • Helps you feel relaxed.
  • Relieve pain and aches
  • Helps stimulate blood circulation well.
  • reduce cellulite

Essential Oil
Lemon scent

  • Help clear the brain.
  • relieve fatigue
  • reduce musty smell
  • Deodorizes unwanted odors well.

Essential Oil
Peppermint scent

  • Helps to smell fresh.
  • feel cool
  • Helps increase alertness and focus.

Essential Oil
Eucalyptus scent

  • eliminate exhaustion
  • helps relax the muscles
  • natural fragrance
  • Reduce nasal congestion

Essential Oil
lavender scent

  • Balance your emotions
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Gives a fresh scent
  • reduce headache

Essential Oil
Bergamot scent

  • Smell of bergamot oil
  • relieve stress
  • Reduce inflammation from acne.
  • Helps to feel fresh and bright

Borneol water

Borneol Thai Lalin


Cure colds, nasal congestion, dizziness body aches Insect bites reduce inflammation. Contains CBD Oil to help with relaxation. Sleep deeply, sleep comfortably.