Wan Sao Long

Scientific name : Amomum biflorum Jack.
Family : Zingiberaceae
Thai local name:
– Wan Sao Long
– mixed herbs
– Hermit created

Botanical characteristics

  • trunk

The true stem of Wan Sao Long is the tuber that is underground. The above-ground part is an artificial stem consisting of tightly wrapped leaf sheaths wrapped around a core that grows from the head. The size of the artificial stem is about 1 cm, which is smaller than the artificial stem of galangal. The height is about 40-100 cm. looks like a lemongrass head There is plump as a popon. When the tree is old, it will split off a new head or rhizome. The outer cork is brown. The heartwood is yellowish-white, fragrant, and the roots have many fibrous root systems. The roots are small and very long, similar to the roots of thatch or vetiver grass. They may be up to 1 meter long. The distinctive feature of the roots is This makes it easy to distinguish from aloe vera or other plants in the galangal family that have similar clumps or leaves.

  • blade

Wan Sao Long is a monocot plant. The leaves are arranged alternately opposite each other according to the height of the stem. The leaves are shaped like galangal leaves. but will be smaller and will notice the difference at Bai Wan Sao Long There will be hair on the top. and the lower leaves The galangal leaves are hairless. The leaves of the Sao Long plant are slender and oval in shape. The leaves are 5-8 cm wide and 20-30 cm long. The leaf base is tapered and the leaf tip is tapered and pointed. and slightly twisted The upper leaf plate is darker green than the lower one. The upper midrib has a clearly visible white-yellow furrow. The middle line below the leaf will be convex. and the color blends in with the leaves The upper surface of the leaves is wavy with shallow grooves along the lines of the branches.

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The leaf stalks are approximately 0.5-1.5 cm long. The upper side is concave with a groove and is green. The lower side is convex and round. Next is the base of the stem which has tightly stacked sheaths about 2-5 cm long. The outer sheaths are greenish-brown to red. and covered with hairs. In addition, oval-shaped leaf tongues with reddish green hairs, 0.2-0.3 cm long, were also found. There are 2 types of sheaths that cover the trunk, which are separated by color: green, which is the female Sao Long herb. and the greenish-reddish-brown color that is the male wandering aloe

  • flower
    Sao Long aloe flowers emerge in bunches from the center of the artificial stem. It consists of a long peduncle. and has a bouquet of flowers at the end of the flower stalk The flower consists of decorative petals that cover the inflorescence. Next are the calyx, which is connected to form a tube. The petals are also connected to form a tube. Each petal has a clear white color. The tip of the petals is concave with a shallow groove. Next inside is a petal that looks like a trumpet. In the middle of the petals there is a reddish-brown stripe dotted to the tip of the petals. The edges of the petals are yellow. Inside the flower there are stamens, stalks and white anthers. When the flowers bloom, they have a strong fragrance.


1. Wan Sao Long is very popular among men. with the belief that is popular Whoever plants it in the house will be loved and admired by others, both women and men, with people coming and visiting continuously. Including helping to make a rich trade and auspiciousness to the family
2. Wan Sao Long is a strange herb. In addition to being grown as an auspicious herb, it is also grown as an ornamental plant. and rare wood as well
3. head or stem
  • Dried and ground into powder, used to make tea and drink
4. Essential oil from flowers and tubers
  • Used as an ingredient in cosmetic products such as perfumes, skin care creams, and soaps.
  • Apply massage to relieve muscle pain.
5. Roots and roots are commonly used to dry. and grinding for mixing to make amulets or amulets
The essential oils found in the essential oil of Wan Sao Long are: • (E)- but-1-enyl

4-methoxybenzene 85%
• Limonene 2.2%
• β- pinene 2.1%
• Camphor 1.8%


The head is brought to boil and drink water.
  • Helps to urinate
  • helps reduce fever
  • Helps reduce cough, reduce sore throat, strep throat
  • Helps fight free radicals and helps delay aging
The tubers are boiled in water and bathed.
  • Helps relieve itchy rashes
  • Treat skin diseases
water flowers to boil and drink
  • Treats diarrhea
  • Helps relieve cough and expel phlegm
  • Relieve flu symptoms
fresh flowers
  • Inhaled to relieve dizziness.
Growing Wan Sao Long Wan Sao Long can be grown by planting seeds. and dividing the bulbs or rhizomes for planting but naturally The Sao Long herb will sprout bulbs and grow into new plants, enlarging the clump to become larger. The flowers are rarely seen growing into fruit.