Meaning of herbal

Herbs mean “plants used to make medicine.” Herbal medicine means “medicine obtained from parts of plants, animals, and minerals that have not yet been mixed, prepared, or transformed.” The appearance of herbs may be modified to make them more convenient to use, such as cutting them into smaller sizes or grinding them into powder, etc.

Herbs, in addition to being utilized as medicines. can also be used for other benefits such as being consumed as food health supplements, beverages, food coloring and dyes, as well as being used to make cosmetics. The use of herbs as medicines to treat that disease May be used as a single herbal medicine. or used in herbal formulations
At present, the recipe for traditional home medicine that the Ministry of Public Health allows for the treatment of diseases has a total of 28 parallel forms of herbs. The use of herbs to treat that disease. It can be used in many forms such as using fresh herbs. Used in the form of decoction, infusion, bolus, liquor, and poultice, etc.
1. Use in fresh herbal form. Some herbs are commonly used in the form of fresh herbs, so they will give good results, such as gelatin from fresh aloe vera leaves used to apply burns, scalded hot water, fresh morning glory leaves are pounded. Used to apply wounds that have been poisoned by jellyfish. or fresh garlic sliced into thin slices Used to apply to the skin that is fungal, etc. in the case of using fresh herbs. Be careful in terms of cleanliness. because if dirty It may become infected, causing the wound to fester.
2. Pound the juice to drink. use fresh herbs Thoroughly pound until it’s liquid. If there is no water, add a little water to squeeze out the liquid that has been eaten. Some herbs, such as krachai, krachai, must be burned in the fire until cooked before gradually pounding.
3. Infusion, most often used with leaves such as cat’s mustache grass, alata leaves, okra, etc. How to make: Bring the drug to be washed thoroughly, dried or roasted to be crispy, not burning. Put it in a clean container. do not use metal containers The brewing method is to use 1 part of herbs mixed with 10 parts of boiling water, cover and leave for 5-10 minutes. Infusion is a medicinal form that has a pleasant aroma and is a quick and convenient method. One set of infusions is commonly used only once.
4. Decoction is a popular method used. and most convenient It can be used either fresh or dried. in the drug that is the main substance Soluble in water by bringing the drug to clean Chop into pieces of the right size. And make it easy to dissolve the water with the drug. Put it in the pot (preferably use a new clay pot or an enameled container. non toxic when heated Using aluminum or metal pots will decrease the effect of the drug or metal contaminated with the solution) add water to flood the drug (by gently pressing down on the drug by hand Let the drug under water ), bring to a boil, bring to a boil, as prescribed in the recipe. or if not specified set as follows: If it is a medicine that contains essential oils such as ginger, cardamom, cloves, plai, basil leaves, etc., boil the water to boil first. Then put the medicine into it, close the lid, leave it to boil for about 2-5 minutes, then pour the medicine to take half to 1 cup of coffee before meals or when having symptoms. If it is a medicine, boil it for general consumption. Put the drug in the pot. fill the flood and then put it on the stove Boil for about 15 minutes, then pour the liquid to eat. If it is boiling, simmering, for example, simmering to 1 in 3 or half, put the medicine in the pot. fill the flood Set the fire to simmer until it’s left. The amount of water is about 1 part or half as specified (for example, add 3 bowls of water before boiling, bring to a boil until there is about 1 bowl or 1.5 bowls of water left).
A decoction prepared from the leaves It is popular to boil it and eat it for just one day and then throw it away. Decoction prepared from heartwood, spices, rhubarb, candles, if boiled warm daily, aged for 7-10 days Decoction prepared from heartwood, spices, rhubarb, candles, tubers of dried plants, if boiled warm, morning-evening daily, aged 7-15 days
5. Ya Dong works well with medicines that are less soluble in water. The resulting solution will act faster and stronger than using the boiling method. Commonly used with dry medicine. By grinding the medicine roughly or chopping it into small pieces. Put it in a jar or a jar, pour white liquor, preferably using glutinous rice liquor or 4 o degree liquor, but may use 28 degree liquor instead. If it is a dry medicine The medicine will swell. causing the liquor to dry up or deplete You should always top up the medicine. It is popular to use small bamboo sticks to prevent the medicine from floating up. Should stir the medicine every day, close the lid and leave it for about 30 days, then pour the medicine to use. or eat In the case where the important substances do not decompose When heated, time may be shortened. Pickling can be done by using the hot pickling method, which is to wrap the drug in a clean white cloth, put it in a jar, pour liquor into it to flood the drug. Take the jar with medicine and liquor. Place in a suitably large pot. Add normal water to the outer pot. It’s like stewing. Please don’t give too much. Bring to a boil and bring the water to a boil. Then lift the medicine jar out, close the lid and leave it for about 7-14 days, then pour the medicine to use. Do not use with people with high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnant women.
6. Pills Most Thai medicines tend to have a taste that is not very appealing to eat. For some drugs, they can be made into tablets. To make it more convenient to use, tablet making is commonly made in the form of bolts (round tablets) and flat tablets (using a tablet press) at present, adding another method of filling capsules.
The herbal medicine contains the amount of important substances used in the treatment. definitely not stable due to many reasons and in addition to having important substances used in the treatment There are many other substances. both as important substances and drug residues, so the use of herbal medicines therefore use approximate amount In order to provide each dose with the amount of important substances or medicinal properties enough to treat and not exceeding needs which may cause harm Determining the dosage of each drug used therefore depends on doctor’s discretion especially in severely ill cases Serious disease or powerful medicine It requires knowledge and expertise which is both the science and art of the physician.
however Using herbal medicine for self-reliance able to do only in the use of herbal medicines without side effects, non-toxic or commonly used which has the following dosage sizes:
1. Herbal infusion: use dried herbal medicine weighing about 7-15 grams, soak in a glass of hot water, drink only water once.
2. Decoction, pour drinking liquid, half to 1 coffee spoon, children reduced proportionately.
3. Tablets weighing about 1-2 grams each time or 3-5 Ma Waeng size tablets, except strong drugs or cathartic drugs, should be used as prescribed by a doctor. or according to heavy or light elements (that is, if you take medicine and have a lot of bowel movements Next time, reduce the dosage of the medicine. If you take less, increase the amount of medicine accordingly.)
4. Powder medicine, weighing half to 1 gram at a time, dissolved in hot water or taken as a vehicle.
5. Ya Dong, eat approximately 2-3 tablespoons at a time.